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Dashboards make my life easier! I am apart of 8 different social apps, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage my brand effectively.

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There are always three sides to every story. Google can point the finger at Montblanc, Montblanc can point the finger back at Google, but the truth lies in the center. What has really happened here is irrelevant to Google AdWords. It's funny to see how Montblanc did not learn of this "copycat" until their customers mentioned they were referred through Google AdWords. Seems to me like Montblanc thought they were a fearless company with no counterfeiting threats, which is unrealistic to say the least. Yes, I understand that they are asking to obtain who this threat is from Google and yes, Google allowed this counterfeiting threat to use AdWords, but how did Montblanc fail to see this? It's a shame that Google is caught in the middle, and yes they should be held responsible, but when you have hundreds of thousands of customers, how are you supposed to ensure each and every one does not have a threat, such as this, in their midst. I feel that Montblanc is simply pointing fingers at Google, this way their customers won't be so upset that they let a counterfeiter fool them. Yes, Google should give up who the "criminal" is but, to be held responsible is absurd. The real company responsible is Montblanc, because if they were really that in tune with customers and competition, they would have seen an earlier pattern of fake Montblanc products.

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