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RSS SamairaIqbal

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I believe that using dashboard is a great way to keep all your social networks organized and concise. It makes being soically active so simple and convenient. I would use tweetdeck since it had the best layout and looked user friendly and cost efficient.

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Google AdWords allows companies to have advertisements and links visible on the Google search when certain words are being searched. It works as a database for consumer to search Google should not be solely responsible for counterfeit ad’s and links to companies selling counterfeit products. Although Google still has a system to try to weed out illegal companies from being present on their search engine. They have spent a lot of resources to eliminate illegal companies from interacting with customers looking for the real products so that consumers don’t start getting upset with Google and to maintain their loyalty. Of course with any system comes issues and unfortunately it is impossible to get rid of all illegal activity at once but they are trying. It is up to consumers to research before they make purchases from any website but I agree that for the actual company when counterfeit products of their name are being sold it brings down the actual companies loyalty and reputation. For this reason I believe it’s beneficial that Montblanc gains contact information for companies and ad’s that are selling their counterfeit products. If goggle cannot release contact information due to legal restrains and if suing them is the only way to get to these counterfeit programs then I guess it will have to be taken to that measure so that Montblanc doesn’t hinder their brand. Perhaps Google should be able to release contact information for proven counterfeit companies to the owner of the actual company to eliminate the need to sue Google.

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