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In this case, Montblanc should be granted more full cooperation from Google in its fight against the counterfeiters. It is not that Google is not doing its best to discourage various counterfeiters from taking advantages of its search engine, but it has not done enough to help legitimate businesses to take legal actions against the offending criminal organizations. You have to help the official businesses root out illegal ones; Google is no longer one of many search engine options out there, it is a de facto choice of search engine in North America and various other parts of the world. Because of its huge public presence, its responsibility and obligations toward law abiding public is so much greater, and it is especially true toward the various legitimate businesses that supported Google's business operations. In short, Google must help its business partners fight against the illegal business operations that take advantages of its search engine by providing more information to the prosecutors. This will seriously discourage various illegally operation businesses to post their ad to Google search engine, and that will be a winning situation for everybody, not just a legitimate business like Montblanc, but for Google (who will gain extra public good will toward it) and the general members of public who can safely assume that laws are presiding even in seemingly chaotic internet world. Hehehehe!

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