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I think Google should be held responsible in this matter considering the circumstances of this specific case. Montblanc is a prominent brand that has been around for a long time. If Google is allowing these advertisers to sell these products to their consumers, it is aiding into the distribution of counterfeit products out there. Which is quite an issue with online shopping for consumer goods that are high end designers. This company has spent a lot of time and money into building this brand for themselves, they don't want counterfeit products with their name and logo on it to be sold at a cheaper price. It completely devalues the worth of their name, and that's not right. At the same time, I agree with the comment that Google really shouldn't be promoting this type of advertising on their search engine because as a user myself, I trust that when I type in brand names for products that I may want to shop for or want to know more about, I don't want to have to second guess my trust with Google. Granted, Google probably didn't know that this company was selling these items but it has been brought to their attention. They could have just taken the advertisements down and discontinue their business with them, and allowed Montblanc to take over in the legal battle against them. So I feel like Google added themselves into the situation when it could've easily been avoided. And they put Montblanc into this position to exhaust all attempts to rectify the situation and stop the distribution of their counterfeit products into the market.

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