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RSS Sydss

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Social Media Dashboards are a great way for businesses to stay in touch with all networks and stay organized! loveee

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I do not believe that Google should be held responsible for keyword ads that mislead users into purchasing counterfeit Montblanc items. There are so many counterfeits available for purchase online, making it uncontrollable to keep track of and decipher which items are authentic and which items are counterfeit. If Montblanc is so concerned about their products being counterfeited, they should modify their website and include a list of authorized retailers who sell their products, whether they are available for purchase online or in store. Therefore, this would show their consumers that they do care and try to control this issue and it would be a way for purchasers to verify their product so they can assure the product they are receiving is authentic. This should not be a problem for Google, considering Montblanc as a company has not made any changes to this on going issue that consumers are concerned about. And it's not like adding a list of authorized dealers to their web site is difficult, many retailers are already doing it such as-- Canada Goose who provides a list that can be found on their web site of what retailers are eligible to sell their product to ensure that their consumer is receiving an authentic item.

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I believe companies should use Twitter and other social media web sites to build engagement with their consumers.

Due to the negativity in this article, McDonald's should "Think before they tweet" and should have properly researched that the same hash tag did not previously exist (which it did). Although they believed this planned to create positive feedback for McDonald's, their posts were offensive and controversial to their followers. If they properly researched this before going ahead with it they could have saved the negative feedback and this wouldn't have hurt their brand image.

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