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I think that Google is doing everything they can to eliminate counterfeit advertisers but there are always ways around given instructions because they don’t think like humans. In this specific example, Google should assist Mount Blanc in stopping such counterfeit advertisers from doing harm to consumers any further. In class we’ve learned that Google wants to make their results as accurate as possible then why are they not assisting other legitimate businesses when the results are not only inaccurate and causing searchers to buy into negativity? I don’t think that Mount Blanc is trying to point the finger at anyone especially Google, all they want is to obtain the information of those counterfeit advertisers and conduct legal actions towards them or warn consumers about these sites. Mount Blanc should have had a contingency plan to threats like counterfeit advertisers while conducting searches on a daily basis on anything related to their brand; should be part of public relations to manage the brand.

As I read the comments I see Derek O’Harrow’s post and I guess I agree that this is the process that Google has to go through to legally give customers’ information out like this even though it might be obvious that some of their clients are counterfeit advertisers. But I think once the issue is noted by Mount Blanc, the least Google can do is stop advertising for those customers and notify them that there is currently a legal issue revolving around their ad therefore they would have to stop advertising it until the problem is solved and apologize for the inconvenience.

1 point

I think in the perspective of businesses, Google's linked information on every Google platform is beneficial to businesses. It allows businesses to connect and reach more potential customers that are interested in related products. Business are also able to track where/how individuals are accessing their site or information from Google Analytics so Google is also going all out; becoming a multi influential corporation.

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