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RSS Sabdulkhalik

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I think social media Dashboards are very useful for businesses and company that have to deal with more than one social media accounts. I find it very interesting how it allows companies to work pre- post ahead of time and timing it as to when it should be seen by the public. On a personal account I don’t see how I would need it or if I would find it useful. Due to being popular, I would recommend hootsuite, as it seems very useful and offers a lot of the aspects that companies may require in using Dashboards.

1 point

I do not believe that Google is responsible for the counterfeit therefore they should not have been held responsible for the situation. Due to everyone being tech savvy in this generation, therefore counterfeit has become easy done by many. Even so, Google is a successful search engine, hence it should be very update as what is out, in the sense of the threat and harm that they may face. this shows that Google is not stepping up to the competition that are out there, in order to gain their consumer back they need to act on this situation and have new set of rules as to who can advertise and who is on their the search engine. They are able to do so by keeping a close eye on their search engine and hiring to monitor the activity that is happening on the site. Google has no way of finding out which advertisement are fake or real, therefore Google is definitely not at fault.

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