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RSS Npourmokhtar

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Social Media Dashboards can be very effective if you know how to use them appropriately to help keep one organized. Hootsuit seems to be the most attractive tool to use to keep all social media accounts organized because it is very user-friendly and manageable. Currently I am not using a social media dashboard because it is not a necessity.

2 points

Personally, I don’t feel that Google is at fault , Google has invested about $60 million last year to eliminate counterfeiters , hackers and so forth, and managed to bring the “crime” rate down by 95%. Google understands that this is a major problem and continues to invest in technology that will help eliminate counterfeiters . The situation with Monteblanc and Google might have occurred because Monteblanc did not invest in the right keywords. In order to eliminate this issue towards the future, Monteblanc needs to have a consultation with Google and choose the right Adwords for its target market.

1 point

Companies should turn towards social media for their promotional campaigns. Social media helps consumers engage with a brand, and if the company has strategically planned their campaign it can prove to be successful and generate a larger percentage of profit. However, in the case of McDonald's; the corporation has not strategically planned their campaign, especially since there is a lot of negative feedback from customers about the ethics of McDonald and their quality of meals.

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