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I do not think that Google should be held responsible for the events that have occurred with Montblanc. As written in their blog, Google has, and continues, to make strong efforts to monitor their Adwords and remove any activity that they think is unethical, inaccurate, and/or counterfeit. The issues however, is that Google is a massive company, and the internet is a gigantic marketplace. It is virtually impossible for Google to monitor every single thing that passes through their network, but as stated, they continue to develop better systems that will hopefully eliminate this issue in future, or contain it as best they can.

Some of the blame could also be put on Montblanc, for not monitoring the internet, and searching their name to see if it has been misused or if it can be linked to any inappropriate or counterfeit activity.

Finally, I don't think that Google should release any information to Montblanc, for it would go against privacy rules and regulations that Google has set out for their organization. By breaching their confidentiality and privacy policies, it portrays a negative image, and sets a precedent that could hurt the future value of Adwords.

1 point

I don't find any issue here in regards to Google using its search engine to promote G+ and opting in users. Google has been around for a long time now and everyone uses it and knows the capabilities and opportunities it provides. It is a dominant company and it is just using its resources and status to promote its newest service. People know that in today's day and age, information travels extremely fast, from place to place. While users should automatically assume that their personal information will NOT be shared to outsiders that they have not granted access too, they should also assume that some information will be available throughout the whole Google network.

From a business standpoint, I see this simply as a way of networking and being able to rediscover information that people already know. It gives people the ability to search other people and businesses quickly and efficiently, providing the best and most relevant results. If people are worried about privacy, don't post any personal pictures or information, or simply opt out as you have that option.

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