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RSS Mudar

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I think social media dashboards seem very good, but personally I wouldn't use them. I feel that there are different social media outlets for different types of things, and gathering them all together would pose more of a problem for me than a solution. I don't feel that what I have right now is cluttered, but more of an agenda and priority of important things I need to communicate with my fans!

P.S listen to my new hit single!

4 points

I don't think Google is at fault for this situation. Unfortunately there are a lot of hackers, counterfeiters, and opportunist on the web. Monteblanc should focus on how they can keep their website updated and showing up as the first link that consumers see. In this situation, it seems that Monteblanc doesn't know who to go after, and they are going after Google because they need to gain money and reputation back. They should be asking Google what they need to do to make sure they are the first company that shows up. Alternately, what Google can do is implement the same technology Twitter has. The verified user technology would aid organizations from this type of disaster. Let it be a fee that a company has to pay, but when there are ad-words being searched, such as in this case, Monteblanc, where ever they are listed, would have a verified symbol beside their name. This would indicate a legitimate company and help the consumer make the right choice.

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Yes, but I dont think fast food companies should go that route. With fast food everybody has an opinion and unfortunately, you cannot satisfy everyone. Other businesses that require customer engagement should use twitter to interact with their fans or supporters. I think twitter in the music industry is fantastic, twitter in the apparel industry is also good too. Anything that allows customers to add their feedback in order to help the business grow. However, with fast food, I can see a lot of backlash going towards major coorporations because there are way too many short cuts being used. Especially in a society that encourages healthy eating and so on.

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