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RSS Mayer

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Google should be held responsible for keyword ads because it is their company that is causing all of the trouble. Counterfeiting is illegal but will low verification standards by Google, any person or company can steal anyone’s identity. All Google has to do is implement a standard verification system that would allow companies to be known to consumers once they search the company up. Taking an idea from Twitter, have a checkmark on the top right corner of the searches when they pop up. This will allow the consumer to see which website is the corporate website and which ones aren’t.

With Google UK showing no concern to the problem at hand with Montblanc, Montblanc feels that Google shows no remorse for them. Other companies seeing this effect in the UK will also question if Google actually cares about advertising their business or solely making money off of anyone and anything. This could eventually hurt the brand image of Google around the world, and companies could eventually turn to competitor search engines for advertising.

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Google has found a way to increase their range on consumers in a fast and effective way. Google gives consumers the option to opt out of the Google+ program at any time, so the consumer doesn't have to worry about a privacy issue.

What Google is really helping out with is the ability to search more and more businesses and people, with the most recent information possible.

If people are worried about privacy, don't post pictures or videos that are inappropriate

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