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RSS Heatherhyde

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I do not feel that Google should be held responsible. In my opinion they are taking every measure possible right now to try to thwart fraudulent companies from doing business under false pretenses on its site. As with any business, it is difficult to put systems in place that do not have flaws where savvy consumers can find loopholes. Yes I understand that some may think that a company of such stature in the digital industry would be able to develop a plan to decrease counterfeit clients - especially since they have been able to dominate the world so far! Dedicating $60 million to removing counterfeit accounts is nothing to sneeze at. Unfortunately for Montblanc, they were in the 5% of fake accounts that weren't shut down.

I think it is a touchy subject when getting into the legalities of what sort of information Google should divulge to its clients regarding forged accounts. They have a right to protect their customer information under the Privacy Act (where do they draw the line), but in the same argument, Montblanc has a right to pursue their infringement of trademark claim.

Beyond Google's attempts to hinder fraud, I feel that Montblanc must realize that a large part of doing business involves constant threats from competition, whether it be impostors or legit rivals. Through their desperation they may have forgotten that there are other ways to find who stands behind the counterfeit accounts.

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