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Montblanc is facing a very large problem and losing allot of money, but they cannot hold Google responsible for things beyond their knowledge. Google can’t be held responsible for advertisers who sell counterfeited goods; there are way too many business and services advertised on Google and for Google to be completely aware of these companies practicing illegal distribution. The only way Google can aid Montblac in stopping these fake advertisers, is by Montblanc teaming up with Google to search through a range of sites that sell Montblanc products and inform Google which sites are counterfeited (you know your retailers it’s not that hard to recognize). If Google isn’t informed, they can’t be held accountable; their job is facilitate these advertisers, businesses like Montblacn are in charge of being aware of who is a threat to their operation and proceed with legal action with those specific distributors.

1 point

I don't believe Google is doing anything wrong. Without some of the information the Google shares, it allows millions of users to access important useful information that should be available. As far as Google messing with certain searches to give favorable information relative to Google, that's just wrong and breaks the rule of "freedom of search"

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