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RSS Cool069

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Social media dashboards is essential for businesses looking to manage all their social media at once. This will help save the company time and money and can be especially useful for smaller businesses who do not have the resources to employ many employees to manage the different aspects of social media. Hootsuite seems to be the most useful and complete dashboard available and I will most definitely be checking it out as it can be useful in the future.

3 points

Google should not be held responsible for the counterfeit Montblanc goods being sold through Google's ads because they are not the one directly selling these counterfeit goods. They are in their right to not release the information of the accused unless ordered by court because that would be a breach of privacy for them and would cause a much bigger headache if the public finds out. It's not like Google UK is not co-operating with Montblanc, it states Montblanc acknowledges that Google has been removing offending ads and taking action against the advertisers. Those ads just keep coming back and Google does state they are investing lots of resources and money to combat ad violators. With so much counterfeit goods produced and sold each day, some fakes that are so good even retailers cannot tell the difference, it is a hard battle to fight.

1 point

Although McDonald's first Twitter venture did not pan out as expected for the company, criticism weather it is positive or negative is still feedback for McDonald's. Maybe they should take this information they received and spin it around in a positive light to address consumer's issues that were brought up. Every large company will have customer's that will share negative and positive experiences.

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Name: Jonathan Ng
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Canada
Education: In College

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