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Social Media Dashboards

What do you think about social media dashboards? Now that you know more about them, would you use one? Are you using one? Based on the ones described to you today, which do you think is most appropriate for you?

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2 points

Social Media Dashboards seem to organize a person so well! I don't have enough social media accounts to make it a necessity, but if I ever do, I think I'd use Hootsuite. They seem pretty convenient for a consumer.

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Dashboards make my life easier! I am apart of 8 different social apps, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage my brand effectively.

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I believe that using dashboard is a great way to keep all your social networks organized and concise. It makes being soically active so simple and convenient. I would use tweetdeck since it had the best layout and looked user friendly and cost efficient.

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Social Media dashboards seem very useful. I do not personally use one but I can see how they can be very helpful to an individual. I would use one if I had more than one twitter/facebook account because it would help me to organize my social media accounts. I think the most appropriate would be HootSuite because it is the most well known and everyone is talking about it and it is sort of trending and it seems the easiest to use as well it is very well laid out and looks great.

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Social media dashboards is essential for businesses looking to manage all their social media at once. This will help save the company time and money and can be especially useful for smaller businesses who do not have the resources to employ many employees to manage the different aspects of social media. Hootsuite seems to be the most useful and complete dashboard available and I will most definitely be checking it out as it can be useful in the future.

2 points

Social media dashboards are useful and organized. This would make any business successful.

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I think social media Dashboards are very useful for businesses and company that have to deal with more than one social media accounts. I find it very interesting how it allows companies to work pre- post ahead of time and timing it as to when it should be seen by the public. On a personal account I don’t see how I would need it or if I would find it useful. Due to being popular, I would recommend hootsuite, as it seems very useful and offers a lot of the aspects that companies may require in using Dashboards.

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Social Media Dashboards can be very effective if you know how to use them appropriately to help keep one organized. Hootsuit seems to be the most attractive tool to use to keep all social media accounts organized because it is very user-friendly and manageable. Currently I am not using a social media dashboard because it is not a necessity.

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Social Media Dashboards are a great way for businesses to stay in touch with all networks and stay organized! loveee

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I think social media dashboards seem very good, but personally I wouldn't use them. I feel that there are different social media outlets for different types of things, and gathering them all together would pose more of a problem for me than a solution. I don't feel that what I have right now is cluttered, but more of an agenda and priority of important things I need to communicate with my fans!

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