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Google should be responsible for providing the information that will allow Montblanc to take legal action against the people responsible for committing the fraud. I am surprise that Google would not be more helpful in this matter. This issue has a two-fold negative effect for Google. Firstly, as they had stated in their blog, that Google-users will not trust Google Ads for fear of other fraudulent advertisers trying to scam them. Secondly, a business looking to advertise on Google may think twice, as they will not want to work with a company that is not willing to be more helpful in these types of situations. If I was Google, I would help to dissolve this issue fast, before their image is hinder from it.

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Twitter is an amazing tool to engage with customers, however, with any media it must be a strategic decision. Fast-food has big lovers and haters, so to unleash a statement to the twitter world and not expect backlash than think again. If a brand decides that social media is right for them, then the next step is to create a way to control the message. Twitter allows you to post anything about anything. I would suggest Facebook to be a better strategy because those people that "like" your page, are actually fans. You can then post questions, discussions and photos and steer the conversation. So, YES, social media is a great tool for businesses... if used right

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